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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Haha, everyone's too busy for loong.

I was gonna post an entry last saturday. but then my entry zip crash boomed outtasite. so, there goes another completely irrelevant entry.
today is... tuesday. therefore i shall blog from... monday? haha. okay here goes.
monday. pe. ran 5 rounds as a class. had to go superduper slow. better off walking. haha, but it was surprisingly not so bad. i mean, 5 rounds IS 2km. before and after pe, we chased the guys out of class so we could be obscene. hah, kidding! its quite retarded coz the toilet IS a stone's throw away. literally. and.. um we met some of our teachers.. appointed the class com. jae sung's the hygiene director. and that is such a suckish title. i mean, cleanliness rep sounds mucho better? our teachers are.. okay. our science teacher caught us all for drawstrings. it was scaaaary! and we all looked so gay with our high skirts. poo. and then there was tennis trials which was nerve wreacking coz.. there were 47 girls! 19 didnt turn up. ah, anyway. after trials stayed longer to plaaay. and then i went home. haha.
tuesday, which is today, we had our seating arrangements. im sitting in front! i feel short. i think our math teacher is really loud. he's not fierce though. he's very fierce. haha, im just quoting! and we had to do this student inventory thing. blah, school was okay. and we learnt the abdullah pose. ladodum. tmr theres the science challenge. me kai and hsiangwei... are going to.. not.. do.. well. unless we have a super lucky dice! haha, its gonna take a miracle to get thru this preliminary. and.... thats about it.
i feel quite. boo. today. if you know what i mean. ): <-- hinthint

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Friday, January 12, 2007


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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mass dance is murderous. haha, i cant dance for nutssss. Guy dancers are....... wwwoooo ! haha.
monday- tennis! umm, nothing much else i think. OG bonding sessions. mass dance.
tuesday- station games. wet. lots of cheer. tennis. mass dance.
wednesday- french toast. boon lay. running. woodlands. animal game. lots of sweets. lots more sweets. blah.

haha, orientation sounds pretty boring when i say it huh. hahahhah. anyways.
thursday- probably more bonding and dance.
friday- campfire. and dance again.
Loong Mei Yan reckons dances should be seen and not attempted. oh, and thats a known fact. by meiyan. hahah, oh there were so many jokes today!! and then alot of meh-meh, black magic, fuzzy wuzzy, johny whoosh, light, bang bang, 7-11, ABCD, the mrt one and dont know what else. those in bold are those i dont know. AHH, someone tell meeeeee! haha, qiao wei thinks only girls are intelligent enough to know. and therefore im a boy in disguise. HAHA.

oh, and qiaowei is officially a golf ball. wilona isnt a willy. mervynis mary. kai is xavier. what the. haha, whatever. golf balls are nuts.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Haha, its been 5 days.
wednesday- first day to school. the seniors skirts were all so short and me and liz kept trying to tidy our uniforms. we had a math diagnostic test and i think its cool that they award 2 marks for blanks. hehe.
thursday- went to mg to visit. mock lectures. MI teacher said Becky had short skirt. HAHA. MI teacher likes to laugh at herself. and we laugh along. haha.
friday- mock lectures. cca carnival. our ogls' refused to let us go for tennis early ! but then lizzy's ogl came to save us! hehe, and then we went to play tennis and then people came and then the tennis team people were all manning the booth and stuff. anywayyy tennis was goooood. after training. haha! liz and becky are panseh-ers.
saturday- first ignyte service for 2007! was good. ended really later, around 9. only got home at 10 plus coz xianwen's parents took long to come ! haha, and ruth told peopld that i ate pear for dinner. haha, what the! haha, my section is cool. my buzz group is a cooler subdivision of the cool section. haha, and then we were supposed to make a poster. continuing this- "wanted: a family". ahahhah then me and davelle and winnie wrote: nice young teenager looking for rich and caring family with a goldfish. hahaha, it was so funny lah. of course thats not it.. anyway, our buzz groups gonna be tightknit yah! really looking toward unity in ignyte.
sunday- church with family. rojak. haha. i did ASSESSMENT! wow wow. anyway, i need to get my specs fixed. wont be blogging weekdays.. probably wont be able to go online so...
show some love for the resurrected compooter!
oh you didnt know? some days ago my computer lived again. awesome right. but then the internet isnt quite working.. Booo.

going off now! bye bye! meiyan loves... hha. you!

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

AHH. astrid. i forgot all about astrid. ASTRID LIM. HAha, thanks for all the gay laughters. for PAP.. for the the movies where you ogled your eyes out. for the times you lusted after girls. for the time... YOU LIKED MY BROTHER! hahah! come over anytime if you miss my brother. hehe. i know you'll miss my brother more than you'll miss me lah! but NEVERMIND.. nevermind.. LOVE YOU LOTSSSSSSS.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

HELOO! School TOMORROW! YUM! eh? haha.
i want to go to schoooooool! im really excited. hahah.
Okay... NEEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! haha, who wants to hear my new years resolution for 2007! i know you do! hahaha!
i shall start out with 7 first. and if theres more.. then we'll see!

#1. --

uh-oh. im stuck on my first one. AH! can i come up with new years resolutions for other people? haha, aiya. i'll come up with the less stressful 7 first.

#1. GROW TALLER. haha, YES! i need to grow, whatever its takes, dugro formula milk, growth hormone.. knee surgery?? jumping.. yes, i just want to grow! so people cant be mean and say im short. haha!

#2. STOP BEING CYNICAL. haha, yes, LOONG WILL NOT BE DEPRESSED AS OF... NOW. alright? haha wow this one will be a hard resolution to keep.okay lah, loong can go into the 3rd party mode and start talking about herself as loong (like so), and act like some abnormal being.. and she can go into reflections highway.. but she's no longer given the power to be mean to her friends as a result.

#3. BE NICER TO FRIENDS. (haha, this must must be a mutual effort, alright, KAI?) hahha, yes i will stop insulting, but this effort better be reciprocated okay. haha, if not i will stop trying. nahh, kidding.

#4. BE NICER TO FAMILY. yeah, mum, dad, lewis. this is for you guys who do not read my blog ! haha, but heck. friends can bear witness to this resolution! and i will try to be more homely like you guys want. haha, and i will not go wild like you think. and i will be very well-behaved okay?

#5. BE A GOOD STUDENT!! yes, im going to be a good student! Yes, tell me you believe it! haha, thanks. im going to stop sleeping in class, im going to stop drawing ugly doodles of teachers, im going to stop talking in class. okay i take that back. a little wont hurt right! and, im going to.. um. oh yeah, im going to stop going to the toilet so often. and ohh! i will try not to get lost in school! hahah!

#6. IMPROVE IN TENNIS. Yes i suck. i need to improve improve improve. hahaha, because ites been deproving deproving deproving for the longest time and i need to get back on the ball! and lets see. i need to practice.. which reminds me. part of my resolution #6 will be to find myself more tennis kakees!

#7. lucky numbet 7! haha. okay my number 7th resolution will be to NOT BACKSLIDE! yeap, im going to try to get myself right with God, realign. hahah, yesterday i had a very troubled night and i had a very troubling dream. same as yesterday. yesterday _______ scolded me for something i had been harbouring in my heart for some time now. haha and when i woke up it hit me. and today, i forgot what i dreamt about. yeah anyway, im still struggling to be a better person. as in, yeah, i know im a very mean person at heart. so nevermind, im still under construction. so you, rebuke me if you must! just make sure its out of love! hahah !

there you go! my 7 core resolutions. id better work hard at it now! some look quite hard lah. though reasonable.. hard. especially the last part ):. nevermind, i will try my very very best. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

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Now.. time for CLASSMATES!

Eunice! haha, hello sexyy! what ever happened to those starbucking days! okay its more like A starbucking day..but i think that day was great yah. and we used to talk so much.. but now. on msn its never the same as in face to face. and all those hugs! ahh.. i will miss those hugs. we must meet up alright.. Love!

Amanda! Uh, i dont think i was very close to you this year. but! you owe me a t-shirt! WOOOOOOOOOOT! yeahh. its sad that the veggies were not as close as before.. ahh. anyway, haha, doing projects with you guys.. oh my, the gunbound days.. AH! and you kept saying i was noobish. whatever whatever. i rock at kal and you know it! hahahah! i dont know whether you still play, but if one day i decide that i should miss you, hahah, we'll have a game together!

Cheryl! helllo peatan i wasnt very close to you this year either! but then i still rmb when you came to my church, you responded to altercalll! haha, i hope that as you go into 07, you will be able to come to know God more.. okay, and if you ever want to come to my church.. call me! :D otherwise, i will call you! haha, smileeeee cheryl!

Sam! hello you! minesweeperrooo! kem kaizen was fun fun fun with you in my group. and all the drawings we tried to do for the poop pee with plee.. backfired! haha, nevermind, continue to draw with your God given talents. continue to excel, in terms of academics, and tennis! Shine for God!

Jinnie! haha, why am i writing this for you mann. oh right because i wrote one for kai and liz and theyre going to be in the same school and i really ought to be saying the same thing to them. "why am i writing those for you!" hahaha, anyway, i really had fun talking to you about. heidoudou! ahhh heidoudou heidoudou. all my memory of heidoudou is.. just a name. poof! nevermind, it served to bring us closer right. Yes its true, it always takes a guy to bring girls to be better friends. Love!

Kelly Hannah and gang. Tuesday cult! AHH! you will be missed. i think tuesday cult had less than 3 going-outs together! haha, thats quite sad. maybe one day when yall are going out before tennis and we are dismissed from school.. Ahhh? Ahh! yeap yeap. you never know.

Jo- ann, Joanna, Andrea! Ahh you three! haha, i always invite you guys to my church! and guess what! I'll continue to do so! okay okay? yay. then we can be island creamarians ! Woot, and we will grow fat together. hahah, kidding! Jo-ann if you still dont have a home church.. COME! Okay?? CHARMAINE AND DENISE ALSO! You guys will be sorely missed.

KATT! My wife of less than 2 years! do you know that i will miss you loads loads. what kind of marriage is this!? oh the devastating cruelty of separation. haha, im being a gay drama mama. haha, nvm, youre the mama of the house, let you be the gay drama mama. YOU OWE ME YOGHURT. YOUR HOMEMADE YOGHURT. hahah, when you feel emo. tell me ! haha, what kind of husband do i look like if my wife is all battered and bruised. oh yah, a abusive husband. see, you dont want that right! so, IM GONNA MISS YOU ALOT. can we just meet. and cry. ):

Lipin! SCHOOL OF MEI YAN! lol lol lol. okay not very funny. but ahh, im going to miss you. im going to miss the hugs i forced upon you. though we werent very close this year.. im still going to miss you. squash- anytime yah! we will reunite and wreak the courts. haha, whatever that is wreakable.. like.. the LIGHTS! haha, kidding kidding. kangkong one day! Have fun in 07! Loveeeeeee! WE HAVE YET TO DO OUR 50 SMSes THINGY!

Haha, who have i left out?

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Hah, and now this part.. is for my lovely phonies! Haha, no lah. my phonies are not phoney.

LIANG XIANWEN! guess who from MG im going to miss the most. guess ! guess ! 50 tries! haha, kidding. YES, YOU! even though i barely talk to you in school.. youre probably the first person i call when i am feeling emo..? Did you know that? well now you know. haha, you're like my emergency hotline lah. anyway thanks for that. thanks for all the advice youve given me which ive stubbornly turned a deaf ear to BECAUSE THEY DIDNT MAKE ANY SENSE... and were embarassing.. haha, well i still am grateful for that anyway. and wow, from 6 times a week to 1 time a week. what a blow for me. oh wait, i do that in the holidays already. HAHHAH, okay ignore that comment. just know that youre not given the liberty to choose not to pick up my calls. haha. haha, and ahahah once again. Lovee!! (x1000000000000000000000000) One day we will invent a glass polymer that will be able to withstand our singing! PACT!

Marisa! Well i wasnt able to talk to you alot because you were always not with your phone. rather, your phone was not with you. aiya, sama sama lah. haha! well, i arent you glad i saved you! the day before yesterday with _______! Haha, no! I cannot do the _____ thing on my own! I need your help yeahh! ahah xianwen lahh. xianwens such an ass for not giving good advice. we should do our conference one day. and that day i'll be all set and ready to cough for you guys.

Serene! I really really doubt the fact that you'll ever read this? But im just going to do it because you are one of my phonies! sadly we only got closer the later end of the year, but heck, the best is yet to come! we have so much to look forward to, in CH, fuel. we're in the same section and everything! and instead of always listening to my problems, i wanna hear yours too alright. you have got to be sad at some point in life, and i wanna be your phony when that happens!

David! eh. youre not much of a phony. considering that we only had one phone conversation. But, it was really fun, that one. all the retarded jokes. SUGAR. i still dont know how in the world we got to sugar! hahah, nevermind. youre like the best JOKER lah.the most jokes, and theyre funny. hahah, dont mind me sharing yeah? we must spread the jokes far and wide, and make people laugh their lame bones (or funny bones) off. okay okay? yay. but i still credit you as the best joker i know.
Joke: im cold and i like sugar. what am i? haha, answer is.. David!

Haha, my other phonies are not worth mention.. Hardeharhar.

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Haha, Watchnight was aw-wee-some! A time of powerful prayer, a time of amazing testimonies, a time of praise!

2006.. wow, so many things happened. so many PEOPLE have made this year so, so, so SPECIAL... And you know what, I'm going to do some shout outs now!


Kai! Ahh, you're an ass. haha, i kid you yes. classmate! Thanks for.. This is a toughie. haha, thanks for all the arguments, debates, nonsense, wow. I think youre the first person who did a full-fledged crappersation with me! thanks for those times you TRIED to be nicer to me. which in the end didnt work out too well.. because someone decided to pretend to not know he was insulting someone, and subconsciously unmaking peoples days, months, even years. Tennis Kakeee. hahah, from where you were.. the first time when you were just hitting outs after outs after outs.. Haha, but now youre so much better than me. ahh! Goood for you!

Liz! DITZY DIZZY LIZZY. hahaha. schoolmate! ahh thanks for all the times we talked.. about cow.. _____ .. and for all the times youve let me flip your phone and you risking spoiling your phone to a whole new level.. wow, that takes courage. hah kidding. i know youre having some tough times at home, but trust in God, it will work out. One thing i thanked God for this year was for seeing me through tough times, relationships with my family. and maybe this year, at the end when you look back and reflect, you can say the same too!

Meiyan! Haha, can i thank myself? for being there for myself? haha, nah. im going to give myself a scolding. Hush, this is a defining moment. LOONG MEI YAN. YOU PIECE OF CHEWED UP SPAT OUT PIECE OF CARROT STICK ! (that was random) hahah, why were you so cynical?? why do you keep looking for your second best friend when theres so many awesome people around you! Tsktsk. Now you, go straight up to bed. Youre grounded.

Damn im grounded. i dont suppose i can continue using the com.. Haha, KIDDING. well the gay and high thing i had this morning still hasnt worn off. alright, i'll make the best of it.

Nick! JDT JDT JDT JDT. did you get my thankyous? damn. ahh. jdt's not working anymore. figures. it never really worked in the first place.. oh well. anyway, hope you get your. thing sorted out.. To be honest im still in shock. But i wanna be there to listen to your "wo bu zhi dao wo bu zhi dao wo bu zhi dao" even if thats all you ever say. hahah alright?

Pearlygooooooose! I WILL MISS YOU CARGOSHIPLOADS. ahh, wheres the lasagne? the carbonara? the garlic bread? throw me a feast. im an emotional eater! ): thanks for being such a difficult person to communicate with. what with the "you have a brother called ________"? ass, ass, ass. i hope you do manage to correct that boob habit you have.. and oh yeah. i hope that you will learn to be more patient with the people you teach guitar. DONT LAUGH AT THEM. ahahaahahah! being laughed at by a goose has certainly dropped my self- esteem by like... wow. hahah, but nevermind! the goose is awesome! better a goose than a duck!

And the other people i want to thank for an awesome year.. coming up right after this commercial break! Love! for now. haha, which means 1/2 love. alright, 1/2 Love to you!

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Saturday, December 30, 2006


david~please observe a moment of silence for my hair says:
why did the woman attempt to run across the road
Meiyan says:
because she had legs
Meiyan says:
because she hadnt shaved her legs
Meiyan says:
because she would like to shave her legs
david~please observe a moment of silence for my hair says:
Meiyan says:
because she ran out of veet
Meiyan says:
because she wanted to help her husband shave his legs
david~please observe a moment of silence for my hair says:
david~please observe a moment of silence for my hair says:
Meiyan says:
because she thought shaving cream smelt nice
Meiyan says:
because she needed a shaver
david~please observe a moment of silence for my hair says:
Meiyan says:
does it have anything to do with shaving?
david~please observe a moment of silence for my hair says:
Meiyan says:

6:03 AM;

Howdy Hi!
Woo, im feeling high today for no particular reason. no wait. there must be a reason. i think its the ice cream :D THANK YOU SISTER JOANNE. today we went to church at 9am for a time of service and it was really awesome. i think the leaders and the pastors have really great plans for Trinity @ Adam, and im definitely glad to be part of it. im sure we will be able to hit 350!
After that we went to our respective umm ministry thingys, and yeah. im excited about Genesis! And i only just realised why it was called Genesis. coz its like, God created ______, and it was good. cool cool.
After that we had lunch at macs! the ch-ers. and our dear friend serene didnt wait for me! Poo.
Anyway, i cant wait for the new year. Family Communion and Watchnight tomorrow! And Davelles my sp, so thats really really awesome.
I think God has given me so much in this year, 2006. I think life has been so much more fulfilling, definitely a change from the choppy waters of 05. but anyway, im loving it. im proud to be a part of trinity!

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